Objective & Introduction

Objective and Introduction

The worldwide Retail Landscape is changing rapidly. Indian Subcontinent has become a critical component of the growth strategy for Multinational Retailers both as a captive market and a sourcing base. In an emerging knowledge-based economy, it is the people and the people’s skills or employability that determines success.

For organizations, the talent pool has become the most valuable asset, more valuable than capital, land or Machinery. Our objective is to exceed our client’s expectations and identify the finest pool of available talent across the globe. The scarcity of Talent limits growth. Our strength is the core understanding and commitment to meet the hiring demands of our clients.

Established in 1996 in New Delhi the company is a trendsetter having set up an exclusive executive search agency catering specifically to the Apparel /Textile/ Home Lifestyle, Export and Retail Sector. Our team of 14 consultants is drawn from within the industry and enjoy a high professional valuation of their experience.

Tab enjoys the distinction of having partnered with various International retailers & set up Sourcing offices across India and Bangladesh region as well as recruited professionals across Southeast Asia including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia region.

We have partnered with top international brands in opening Retail outlets pan India. The recruitments handled are from Top Management till the executive level.


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